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Cornerstone Financial Group is a collection of passionate people ready to help the complete financial novice all the way to the wealthiest of society define, strategize, and chase their brightest financial future.

Having been in business in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin for the past 22 years we are deeply rooted in our community and carry pride that we are positively effecting the financial wellbeing of our friends and neighbors. That all said, we are not your typical financial. We see the realities of life and the simple idea that the word “retirement” doesn't always mean “age 65," a pension, the golf course, and vineyards; but rather sometimes it can mean having the choice to retire from what you have to do, and begin the work that you love to do. Sometimes it means working until the very end of life just because that is who you are, but making sure that you have a little extra fun doing so.

Regardless, we are here to help our clients not only define where they want to go, but design a path to get there and effectively manage their wealth in the right direction. With plans to expand throughout the country, we aim to be a national force for financial wellness and happy retirements.

Being the financial experts we are, we also enjoy helping those starting out. Whether it be buying your first home, saving for tomorrow, or just getting free of the chains of debt, we love to help all who ask. Educators first, you wont find any sales tactics within our walls. We are fiduciary minded strategists at heart and are happy to prove it. After all, #buildingfutures is what we do.